Getting beyond statistics

Created by Dave Snowden, SenseMaker is one of the few hands-on methods that is specifically designed to monitor and explore complex social processes from multiple human perspectives. SenseGuide is in the field of SenseMaker practitioners one of the most experienced agencies around. Since our establishment in 2012 we are solely focused on using SenseMaker enabling our clients to monitor and understand complex change as it happens and providing a way to tap into the potential for change that exists in any complex system.

Getting beyond statistics

SenseMaker proved to be a great methodology to dive into norms and behaviours around complex societal issues. Dave and his team were able to successfully manage an assessment for one of our main programmes running in 5 countries.

LucaProgramme Quality Team Lead

The information of the SenseGuide study has been relevant for the consultants to better understand the back ground of the community members in the Msimbazi stakeholder group.

MaxProgramme manager

The stories of SenseMaker allowed us to empathise, to get a feel for the daily life of the local people, to see the connections between different aspects and paint a more complete picture of the situation.

WendyProgramme manager Proofs Bangladesh

With the Flourishing Community Index we capture the voices of a representative number of people living in local communities.

RensMEAL coordinator

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