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SenseGuide is in the field of SenseMaker practitioners one of the most experienced agencies around. Our expertise and approach have earned us the confidence of prominent institutions and organizations in the humanitarian, public and corporate sector. Our work in the international development sector comes from clients as BoP Inc., Cordaid, Enabel, Hivos, ICCO, Save the Children, Unicef and the World Bank. Clients in the public sector range from local governments to national governments and the European Commission.

SenseGuide enables NGO's, public and private organizations to monitor and understand human behavior and dynamics and providing a way to tap into the potential for change that exists in any social system.

We believe that human motivations and attitudes are best revealed through an understanding of the day-to-day narratives of existence.

For this we use an own developed sensemaking process approach, amongst others supported with the Sensemaker software of Cognitive Edge. Our goal is to utilize the rich context of narrative to inform sensemaking, but also to create objective data in which cognitive bias is minimized and we can place high reliance on the conclusions drawn.

Many organizations recognize that they operate in complex and inherently unpredictable environments. We are advocates of a complex system approach aimed at gaining strategic insights and shifting perspectives, intervention design and monitoring the impact of these interventions thus letting the environment co-evolve and iterate over time.

We aspire to address the most complex challenges, deploying integrative and multi-disciplinary skills across the full strategy and decision-making cycle, ranging from problem identification, through research, to monitoring, evaluation and learning. We have a strong basis in research and strategy consultancy.

SenseGuide was founded in 2012 and is based in the Netherlands.

Dave van Mourik

Dave van Mourik (1969) is co-founder en managing partner of SenseGuide. Between 2005 en 2012 Dave was manager innovation for Dutch energy company Alliander where he brought complex systems thinking, narrative and sensemaking into practice. Since 2012 he has been engaged in several social and organizational challenges across different industries and geographies.

Gijswim de Haas

Gijswim de Haas (1962) is associate Partner of SenseGuide. Gijswim holds a master degree in Business Administration. He has more than 30 years of experience in sales and business development.

Gijs Berendse

Gijs Berendse (1995) is freelance consultant at SenseGuide. Gijs is a sociologist, graduated from Leiden University. He is specialized in ethnography, qualitative research, and thematic analysis. He is an experienced interviewer of people with traumatic experiences in vulnerable situations and in conflict areas.

Sedjro Mensah

Sedjro Mensah (1978) is an associate consultant at SenseGuide. Sedjro graduated in history and art history from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Sedjro speaks fluent in French, English and German. He is an experienced consultant in inclusive market development and artificial intelligence in West Africa.

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